Sunday, 18 December 2011

Finding alternatives: fat

pheasant fat Dec 11

Becoming self-sufficient means finding alternatives to basics we would otherwise buy in the supermarket. Honey can, in some circumstances, replace sugar, hence the reason for our purchase of three hives. We have replaced some flour in our diet with potatoes, though we still use some commercially purchased flour. Fats were always going to be a problem. I have, however, stumbled on a source.

I hasten to add, this is not a large source. We swapped some jam for pheasants recently. I cut off the breast meat and then boiled the remaining carcass. The pan was left to stand to cool and I discovered a useful layer of fat on the surface which I scooped off (see photo above). It will be sufficient for roasting the vegetables for the forthcoming Christmas dinner.

Whilst this is only a small quantity, it is likely that we will get more from the ducks we have in our freezer.

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