Friday, 16 December 2011

Preparations for a self-sufficient Christmas feast

I am currently sorting out what we are having for our Xmas dinner. Turkey is off the menu as the meal needs to be predominantly made from our own food sources. Instead, we are having fillets of pheasant and wood pigeon with roast potatoes, roasted Jerusalem artichokes, sage and onion stuffing and broad beans. Starter will be pea and nettle soup. I am making the stock for it now from a pheasant (the same pheasant that has provided the fillets). Desert will be baked apples stuffed with our own sweet mince. I have quite a stash of hazel nuts so I may roast some of them. I'm also thinking of doing a game pie though that's not for Christmas day.

Meanwhile, it is snowing outside. I need to check on the hens shortly and see how they are coping with the weather. They are all young so have not experienced snow before. I'm making some mash for them at the moment and will take that over shortly.


Linda's Garden Blog said...

lovely blog

Anonymous said...

sounds delicious! Jules