Saturday, 25 August 2012

9 eggs

A milestone on our road to self-sufficiency was reached today. For the first time we had 9 eggs laid by our hens. The previous record was 7. We have 17 hens now though 9 were bought only last month and we think only three of them have so far started laying. Eggs continue to be traded for other produce. Talking of which, I got to the allotment this evening and found someone had kindly left me a load of rhubarb. And Johnnie, on the neighbouring allotment, gave me a rather nice celery. We tried to grow celery last year and got nowhere with it. We didn't even bother this year. I suspect we will make it into soup. The rhubarb will probably go into a pie. I have been threatening to make egg custard for a while so a pie to accompany it won't go amiss.


Considerer said...

Well done hens :)

Carl SCott said...

I have been following your bloggs for a long time now and you give me a lot of inspiration, Thanks for that and keep up the good work too. I would love to see loads more pictures of your plot all laid out for ideas, Also do you have a list of all your recipes some where maybe on another site?



Jonathan Wallace said...

Hello Carl. Glad you find the blog useful. We don't have a list of recipes elsewhere. Some of the recipes have been in the family for generations, some are my own, some are adaptations of existing recipes used by others. We are however thinking of putting some of the recipes together into a publication though that may be some time off.