Sunday, 19 August 2012

How you can help the bees

Privet flowering Aug 12

The privet in this photo is close to my first apiary and it is, as you can see, flowering. The flowers are small, in bunches and are a creamy white colour. Nectar-foraging insects seem to love them. The privet has, for the last few days, been heaving with insects, including bumble and honey bees.

Privet is very common in people's gardens. It is unusual however to see it in flower as privet hedges are cut regularly to restrain their growth. This is a pity as privet in flower looks very attractive. It also is a good nectar and pollen source for bees and other pollinating insects. So, if you have a privet in your garden, think about letting it grow and flower. There are benefits to your garden as well as more foraging insects will be attracted. And the benefits to the insect population will be great as well. So help give something back to nature and let your privet grow.

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