Sunday, 26 August 2012

Half dozen olive green eggs

eggs olive coloured Aug 12

Another of my columbines started laying today. I noticed her behaving in a slightly agitated way, clucking loudly and exploring nooks and crannies on the allotment. I tried to keep her in the chicken run in the hope she would go into one of the henhouses and lay in a nest box. However, she wasn't going to make my life easy and made a bit of a fuss, running up and down the chicken run wanting to be let out. So I re-opened the gate. She headed to the side of the allotment where the fence is low. She hopped over into the undergrowth on the short embankment that leads down to someone's garden. In that undergrowth she laid an olive green coloured egg and promptly returned to the allotment. I clambered over the fence and retrieved the egg. So we have two columbines laying now. Two more to go. We now have enough eggs to fill an egg box.

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rosrychaplet . said...

very interesting. i've never seen natural green eggs before.