Sunday, 19 August 2012

How to make raspberry vinegar

I have been wanting to make flavoured vinegars and fruit sauces for some time so I've started off with raspberry vinegar. What came out at the end of the process was a gorgeous, syrup style sweet vinegar which will make a good salad dressing or can go into sauces. It can even be used as a sauce in its own right on pancakes. The raspberries I used were ones I picked wild near our house. Some were used to make jam. The rest were used to make the vinegar. However, the pulp left over from making the vinegar has not been wasted.

I picked more wild raspberries last night (effectively the end of the crop) which will be added to the pulp and made into raspberry chutney. I made some before but never got to consume it myself as it was traded for other produce. This time I hope to have enough to use myself!

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