Thursday, 30 May 2013

Extending the raised bed

raised bed extension May 13

The top corner of our main allotment gets very wet when it rains. A stream forms and flows here when the rain is heavy enough. As a result our attempts to use this area in the past have proved futile. We planted 6 soft fruit bushes there last year and only two survived. Nevertheless, we don't want the site to remain unused. I have therefore been digging a drainage trench here and hopefully this will solve the problem.

Next door is the raised bed which we netted a month ago to keep off the hens. The bed is currently used for growing onions but there is a large amount of surplus net which will allow the netted area to be extended onto the area now protected from flooding. We have a large number of strawberry plants in the greenhouse which will be planted here. That will be one of the jobs for the weekend (when the weather forecast predicts it will be sunny and dry).

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Linda Penney said...

lovely post as always