Friday, 10 May 2013

The growing North South divide

Sean Cameron was my producer on the Horticultural Channel a couple of years ago and his allotment is in Penge in South East London. I paid him a visit yesterday as I'm down in London for a few days. He does a weekly video update (which puts my merely monthly video updates to shame!) the latest of which you can see above.

The key difference between London and my place in the North East of England which I notice every time I come to London in the early spring period is how earlier the growing season starts in the south. Up north we are about two or three weeks behind. So whilst back home the blossom at the moment is very limited, down here in London (and I also noticed in Kent where I was over the weekend) the trees and shrubs are covered in it. Indeed, some of the cherry trees here in Crystal Palace, where I am staying, are past the blossom stage and have little cherries already developing.

Think back a year and the blossom was, generally, being smashed to bits by the heavy and persistent rainfall. Now we worry that there is far too little rain and eagerly watch the weather forecasts in the hope that news will come of a good downpour. The news from home on the weather front is not good. Apparently we had a bit of drizzle last night but nothing heavy. I need to start doing a rain dance again!

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