Friday, 31 May 2013

Making rhubarb and ginger jam

rhubarb and ginger jam May 13

Last week I traded eggs for rhubarb with three other allotment holders on our site in Sunniside. The first results of that came last night when I made rhubarb and ginger jam. The ginger came from a trade I did a couple of weeks ago when I bought a sackful of allotment veg from a friend, using jam and lemon curd as the currency to buy it. The ginger had been grown by a friend of his in the south of England.

15 jars of jam were made last night. Also made this week were 19 jars of orange and lemon marmalade. Okay, not quite a self-sufficient creation as I don't grow citrus fruit. The marmalade is more a by-product as we use lemons in various other recipes and we store the skins in the freezer until we have enough to do something with them (which normally amounts to making marmalade.) As we need to create space in both our freezers (we have a pig arriving shortly), I decided to use up the 6 bags of lemon peel to make the marmalade, and added in some oranges which had seen better days.

I still have a large amount of rhubarb left so chutney and crumbles will be on the agenda soon.

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Linda Penney said...

awesome post as always you keep encouraging me each time I read your post have a lovely Sunday