Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Recovering from the fox attack

chicks May 13 4

Of the seven ducks we had before the fox attack on Monday evening, four were layers, two were drakes and one khaki campbell was point of lay and it probably was not going to be long before she produced her first egg. Generally we were getting 4 eggs a day. We have now been able to work out which 2 khaki campbells we lost. As there were three eggs this morning, we believe that it was the point of lay and one of the adult khakis that have been lost. We now have 6 duck eggs in the incubator. 27 days to go now before they hatch.

The hens are fine. We lost none to the foxes and the chicks are doing well (see photo above). Shortly, we will create a temporary run for the chicks. Currently they have an enclosed run as part of the henhouse but they will soon outgrow it and it is useful to get them used to bigger, outdoor spaces.

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