Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mini raised beds

mini raised bed May 13

I discovered two old cupboards on a pile of rubbish outside our local community centre so I asked if I could take them. Not being particularly possessive of the things they were throwing out, they let me take them. They would be ideal for mini raised beds. Holes were drilled into the bottom and I put in a layer of gravel (from the bed of gravel I discovered in the corner of the allotment whilst digging the drainage). Over this I put a layer of homemade compost and then a layer of potting compost. The first was planted out with lettuce seeds last week and the photo above was taken last night, showing the seeds had sprouted. The second will be used for radishes.

When we have created protective covers for them to protect them from the hens, we will put them outside the greenhouse.

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