Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sub-tropical polytunnel

I spent some time in the new polytunnel this afternoon stripped down to my waist whilst digging up the ground to plant tomatoes. I discovered just how effective it was at retaining heat. Temperatures outside were not fantastic. Inside they were hot. The tomatoes are now planted though there will be more to follow soon as tomato seeds were planted over the weekend.

I am trying to prepare the plot where the next polytunnel is going but this is likely to be a slow job as I need to clear the layer of gravel from one part of it. To do that I need to dig the drainage trench into which the gravel will go. And then, once the gravel is removed, it will need to be replaced by the soil dug out from the drainage trench. With the greenhouse already filling with trays of seeds, this second polytunnel is going to be needed soon.

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