Thursday, 25 December 2014

Storm damage

I've been away in Barcelona recently, hence the limited number of posts recently (though on my travel blog, I've posted up lots of photos and articles, especially about food) and in my absence, the allotment was hit by a storm which blew the polytunnel into another plot. Fortunately David was home to deal with it. There wasn't much in the polytunnel except for a feral crop of nasturtiums which I was planning to pick and use as salad leaves and in soups. Once the polytunnel took flight, the poultry and Pinkie our milking goat stripped the crop bare in only a short time! The photo above is of the plot where the polytunnel previously stood. We will manure it shortly and get it ready for planting in the spring.

It wasn't all storms recently. We had one day last week when it was warm enough for the bees to be active and out of the hives foraging. Sadly, there aren't many flowers available at the moment.

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