Thursday, 25 December 2014

What are you doing there?

I arrived at the allotment a couple of mornings ago to find Pinkie, our milking goat, had somehow squeezed through a hole in the fence into the goat paddock where our two other goats, Geraldine and Georgina, are housed. When we first got Pinkie, we put her in the paddock but because she was bullied by the other two. Therefore we moved her out of the paddock and simply let her roam around the allotment with the poultry. The allotment is more the size of a small field so there is plenty of room but we will transfer more crop growing to another plot we have.

The gap in the fence between the paddock and the allotment was created by Geraldine and Georgina attempting to headbutt Pinkie. We had planned to repair the gap to stop the two of them getting out but before Tuesday we didn't think it was big enough for any of them to get through. It has now been repaired. Pinkie's unexpected decision to get into the paddock is probably because she is coming back into heat. She took an interest in the other two earlier this month when she was last in heat. And Geraldine came into heat a day later and took an interest in Pinkie.

We have now found someone with a Golden Guernsey billy and we have arranged to take Pinkie up to him tomorrow. She is exhibiting clear signs today of being in heat. I've just filled in the paperwork needed for moving goats off the plot (yes - paperwork on Christmas Day) but we want to get an early start tomorrow. Hopefully it will lead to kids in the late spring.

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