Friday, 28 August 2015

Taking the chicks for a walk

hen and chicks Aug 15

Whilst I was away earlier this month, Ginger, our perennial mother hen, hatched 3 eggs. Another 3 were hatched at the same time in one of our incubators though one subsequently died. The 2 survivors were given to Ginger to adopt. Initially, Ginger and chicks were kept in the quail house but too many quail eggs were getting broken. When I returned, I moved her out of the quail house and she now lives on the allotment with her chicks and the other hens. Our initial concern was that the chicks would be vulnerable to vermin. This however has not been a problem. Ginger is protective and discourages other chickens from getting too close. However, when it's feeding time, the chicks have learnt fast to pile in with all the other chickens.

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