Monday, 28 September 2015

Chicken potato cakes

chicken potato cakes Sept 15 (1)

After a recent dinner we had leftover mashed potato and chicken (we slaughtered a couple of cockerels recently). I decided to experiment by making the poultry equivalent of fish cakes. I chopped up some of the chicken and added it to some of the potato with some chopped onions. The resulting mix was then shaped into cakes and fried. It worked quite well.

chicken potato cakes Sept 15 (4)

However, we still had chicken and potato leftover and we wanted to make the recipe more interesting. So the next day, we added some chopped peppers and celery. We also found some spiced mango powder (a Christmas present from a family member - they know how to treat us!) and a tsp of it was added.

chicken potato cakes Sept 15 (3)

The resulting chicken potato cakes went rather well with the apple chutney that won 2nd prize at the Bowes Show.

chicken potato cakes Sept 15 (2)

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