Friday, 4 September 2015

Mead gone wrong

mead Sept 15

Hidden away in our garage was a container fully of water that was used to wash equipment used when removing honey from frames last year. As the water ended up with honey dissolved in it, we kept it with the intention of brewing it as mead. It then fermented itself and so we left it to its own devices. Sadly, the end result was not good. I think it make have turned to vinegar. I'm loath to throw it away so I'm trying, so far unsuccessfully, to come up with a use for it. Whilst there are lots of uses for vinegar, this one is a bit on the tart side. Suggestions welcome.


Fishcake_random said...

Perhaps a non culinary use? Homemade cleaning products or using it in the washing machine as a fabric softener.
Pickled quail eggs in mead vineger....Waitrose would TOTALLY stock that!

Anonymous said...

You might consider wiping the outside of your hard cheeses with the vinegar before wrapping them.