Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Christmas dinner: sweet mince cheesecake

sweet mince cheesecake Dec 15

Dessert - it was not quite part of our Christmas feast. After the starter and main course on Christmas Day, we decided we'd had enough to eat. So we made the dessert, sweet mince cheesecake, a couple of days later. The base was made from ginger biscuits and the filling was made from our ricotta cheese. The sweet mince was from a batch I made in the early autumn. I used a whole jar of it - a thick layer over the base with the cheese filling on top. We added in a couple of eggs to the cheese but were a bit worried it may not set when baked. The eggs had been beaten and frozen in the summer when we had a glut of them. As we are now getting very few eggs (and what we get are sold to our customers), we are starting to use up our stocks from the freezer. It looked a bit gloopy but it turned out to be okay. We put the cheesecake in the oven at 180C for an hour.

There will come a point soon when the milk supply will dry up. Pinkie, our milking goat is down to about 0.75 litres of milk a day and we will dry her out soon. So the ricotta cheese supply will temporarily end until the summer when we start milking her again, assuming we are able to get her mated which, at the moment, is still on the to-do list.

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