Thursday, 7 January 2016

Windfall apples

windfall apples Dec 15 (3)

There is an old orchard in a housing estate in Whickham, the town down the road from Sunniside where we live. No one seems to pick the apples, of which there are always plenty. I hadn't picked any myself until last month when I drove past and saw the ground covered with apples. My assumption was that most would be at best bruised if not turning to mush. But when I returned to have a closed look, I found many were in good shape and many of the bruised ones were not too far gone. The latter could be used for fodder for the goats (they love apples) and the good ones could be used for cooking and making reserves.

It took me less than half an hour to fill 4 sacks and there were still lots to gather. I may return soon to get what's left.

It is remarkable however that this fantastic resource is being left by everyone to rot.

windfall apples Dec 15 (2)

windfall apples Dec 15 (1)

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Emma said...

Awesome, we joined a Fruit Share last year which gives us an opportunity to get free produce that we do not grow and it saves waste. We just have to pick it!