Tuesday, 4 July 2017

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hives June 17 3

Over the winter our beehives died out. It was both embarrassing and frustrating. This year we have no honey other than a small store from last year. We are now about to turn a corner. Last week we took some hive parts to a village in Northumberland where we are buying a nuc and two split hives. The original plan was to buy a nuc and a full hive but in the case of the latter, when it was inspected by the owners, it was found to have queen cells in it. The split was to prevent swarming but gives us two smaller hives for the price of one. All three colonies will grow to fill hives. We take deliver of the colonies on Thursday morning.

hives June 17 2

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel embarrassed. I know a very reputable beekeeper who had 19 hives and only one survived the winter. I had 7 and 4 survived but in my case, I developed a severe bee allergy and so had to pass on my surviving hives to that beekeeper I just mentioned.