Friday, 21 July 2017

Picking redcurrants

redcurrants July 17 2

We have a fruitcage on our livestock allotment and in it we have a large number of redcurrant shrubs. Alas, the goats broke into it earlier this week. We caught them in time so there wasn't too much damage. We did, however, pick all the redcurrants, even though they were not all ripe. It was a good move. A day later, the goats broke in again and stripped bare the shrubs in the fruitcage. The shrubs will be dug up and transplanted to our Farside allotment where we already have a large number of soft fruit shrubs.

The redcurrants were spread on trays at home and left on window sills to ripen before being used to make jelly and jam.

redcurrants July 17 1

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