Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tamworth pig - the meat has arrived

Pig meat Oct 12

Yesterday I drove down to Cockfield in southern County Durham to pick up the meat from our Tamworth pig. I brought back a boot full of sausages, sausage meat, joints, trotters, offal, belly pork and cheek. I don't have the bacon yet. That will be ready for collection next week. The meat has to be cured first. That takes about 7-8 days.

Most of the meat went into the freezer when I got it back but we have kept out 2 joints and 2 bags of sausages. Tonight we will have toad-in-the-hole to use up the sausages. Tomorrow we will have one of the joints. The other joint and sausages will go to a friend who goes shooting. He will provide us with some game in return.

Our cat has been the first to sample the Tamworth. There was a sliver of meat attached to the liver which we boiled up for her. She scoffed the whole lot this morning. We got the lungs of the pig as well and that will be converted into cat food. The days of buying Whiskas are over.

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