Monday, 3 February 2014

Bagging a bunny

A lad in our village borrows our air rifle most weekends to hunt for rabbits. We are happy to let him use it for this purpose. It means the gun gets used regularly (what's the point of having something if it's not used much?) and the rabbit population around Sunniside is more effectively managed. In addition, this activity increases the local food supply and keeps the kids off the streets. Yesterday I saw a group of them heading off to the local woodland kitted our in combat gear and carrying a ferret box. Last night they appeared on our doorstep obviously having had a good day. As a thank you for letting them use the air rifle, they gave us one of the rabbits they caught. It will be skinned and gutted soon. The carcass and the pelt will go into the freezer. Rabbit pie will be on the menu shortly.

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