Thursday, 13 February 2014

Our new cockerel

This is our new cockerel. He arrived today (we swapped him for 2 jars of marmalade and a jar of spiced apple jelly). He is a light sussex/silkie cross. He was raised with ducklings so I spotted quickly his affinity for our ducks. They however did not return the compliment and made it clear they did not appreciate being followed by him. After that he managed to get into a few scraps with some of the hens.

Tonight, when I went over to shut up the henhouses, I found him next to the pond where the ducks were congregating for the night. I managed to catch him and put him into one of the hen houses. He settled down immediately. Hopefully he will learn quickly he is a cockerel, not a drake.

We've named him Rockie.

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