Friday, 14 February 2014

He still thinks he's a duck!

Rockie, our new cockerel, still seems to prefer the company of ducks to hens. He followed the older ducks around today but got chased away by the dominant drake. Tonight, I found him standing next to the pond again when I went over to shut up the henhouses. When he saw me approaching, he wandered off in the direction of the duckling house and when he found me following him, he headed for the henhouses. Was he going to make my life easy by going into one of them to roost? Not immediately. He circulated around them, and then he went into one of them. Job done? Not quite. I closed the door, then brought over a sack of wood shavings to put inside (some rain had got in). Alas, as I opened the door, he shot out. Fortunately, a couple of minutes later, he wandered back in of his own accord. Job definitely done at that point as I closed the door the moment he was inside and didn't reopen it. Hopefully tomorrow he can go to roost without my supervision. And then hopefully he will realise he's a chicken, not a duck!

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Jo said...

Oh dear...sorry! When he was very young I had to go up to the duck pond every night after dark and pick him and his brother up to physically put them away. I thought he had learned but it would seem not!!!