Thursday, 20 February 2014

Liver and bacon casserole

Time to get some of the liver and bacon from our last Tamworth pig out of the freezer. Our aim was to make a liver and bacon casserole. Here's our recipe (quantities are very much up to you): liver chopped and floured (season the flour); bacon chopped, onions quartered; handful of mushrooms; sprig of thyme from our herb garden; pork stock.

Put all the ingredients into a casserole dish and put in oven at 200C for 30-40 minutes. Simple as that.

We had the casserole on Sunday. There was a great deal of liquid left over which made a rather nice soup when reheated with some grated carrots and artichokes. Add another stock cube if needed and simmer for about 20 - 30 min.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and have only read a little of it so far. Very interesting. Very informative. The liver & bacon casserole sounds nice too! Good luck for this year.