Thursday, 13 February 2014

Duck pond damage

Last night we had a terrific storm, though it was nothing compared to what has been hitting the South West of England. At 11pm I decided to check on the livestock to ensure they were still safe. The goats were fine, huddled up in the goathouse. The wind had not damaged the henhouses. The pond however had been damaged. The edge of the lining had been blown over into the pond itself. It was too wet and dark to do anything about it and the ducks were not too bothered by it. This morning I found that half the water in the pond had drained away over the edge of the lining. It will be a bit of a job to sort it all out but it is quite timely. The pond needs to be cleaned and we will soon be letting the rapidly growing ducklings onto it as well, nearly doubling the number of ducks using it. So tomorrow, as well as building the goathouse, we will drain what's left of the pond, clean it and refill it with rainwater - of which there is plenty around at the moment.

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