Thursday, 20 February 2014

Growing kale

Last year we planted some kale seedlings on Dad's allotment and then rather neglectfully left them unattended until we went back earlier this month to dig up the potato crop we had also rather neglected. We found that the kale was doing rather well. We weeded the patch but are leaving the kale to grow further. In the current wet but warm weather, I am expecting the kale to do well. Recipe suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

We love kale. It needs to have a frost to taste right, in my opinion. After cleaning it well, we chop it up and boil it with some smoked pork. (Don't ask how long, I never pay attention to time. Longer than it takes to peel and boil potatoes, for sure). Then I add some fried onions, salt, pepper, garlic and a bit of mustard. Some Dutch friends of mine would then mix the drained kale into mashed potatoes. We eat it with the potatoes on the side.

elfriide tramm said...

you can boil or steam it... but lose most if its benefits this way.

my favourite option is to chop it, rub with salt and a bit of lemon juice, then add some finely chopped onion and eat on the side of meat. gorgeous!

Clare said...

I love Kale and the best thing to do with it is to make a Sundal (in my opinion). This is great with curry or as a side but I generally eat a mass of it with a bit of grilled chicken on top.
Unfortunately I don't have precise measurements but you can adjust to suit your needs. Finely chop about 200g of Kale (or green cabbage) and one large onion. Then take a handful of dessicated coconut into a bowl and add just enough warm water to fluff it up. Then heat some oil on a med heat (no more than 2tbsp I should think) in a large pan and then add all the ingredients together and mix. Pop a lid on the pan and let it cook for about 10 mins, stirring occasionally.