Saturday, 15 February 2014

Paving stones

The unending mud on the allotment caused by the heavy rain has meant we are admitting defeat over the state of our paths. We have bought a load of paving stones from B&Q which were delivered to my house on Tuesday. I moved them to the allotment yesterday and today. We will get them on to the paths shortly. We also have a pile of wood chip - the hedges were brought down to size just over a year ago and we had the branches and twigs chipped. We shall use the wood chippings on the ground around the hen houses to absorb some of the moisture. There is a sea of mud surrounding the henhouses at the moment. Whilst the ducks love it, the hens hate it.


maureen and phil said...

Hi, can you find space to mention the following please?
A unique “self-sufficiency” work & life opportunity for the right creative person.
Due to the tragic death of the MAUREEN ROOKSBY, life-partner in EL POCITO ( - a project to create an edible forest in SW Spain - and also creator of MONKEY & SOFIA ( – a very special crafts enterprise - a new muse/ goddess is sought. Maureen loved: wilderness, planting trees, growing the food we eat (both organically and bio-dynamically), she was also a passionate vegetarian and always surrounded by many cats. I hope therefore her successor will share some elements of all those qualities, as well as bringing new ones.
The offer is for an equal share in EL POCITO, located in Almonaster la Real, and MONKEY & SOFIA (which is planned to expand as a shop in the future), in return for a life partnership working to develop both projects.
If this is of any interest to you, please study the pages of both sites and then write directly to me by post or email:
Phil Rooksby
El Pocito
Oficina de Correos
Huleva, SPAIN

Also, if you could pass this on and reproduce it in any way you feel fit, to friends/ volunteers/ staff/ customers/ anyone you can think of, anywhere, it would be a great help at a time when even the simplest task is awesomely difficult. Many thanks for sparing the time to read this.

Cornish Mamm said...

Just discovered your blog and your you tube channel , fantastic x