Thursday, 29 January 2015

Quail scotch eggs and beetroot salad

We had a couple of friends over for dinner recently so we gave them quail scotch eggs and beetroot salad for starters. The eggs were laid in the early autumn so we weren't sure if they were still usable until we had boiled them. As it turned out, they were all fine. Sausage meat again came from our Tamworth pig. The beetroot came from a recent swap with one of the neighbouring allotment holders. He was going to throw them out as they had not grown sufficiently but we offered to take them. They were the size of golf balls and quite usable. We've still got loads to use up.

In fact, we've got loads of food generally to use up. It is something of an embarrassment of food riches, especially meat which, for large parts of the year is normally strictly rationed by us to make it last. At the moment, we have been using a large amount of game but on the allotment we still have 4 cockerels and 5 drakes to use up. And in the freezer, we have lamb, pork and more game to consume. But more about all this later.

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