Thursday, 29 January 2015

Roast venison

In a further attempt to use up our stocks of food, we got this leg of venison out of the freezer last week and marinated it in our own home made wine for a day. The venison was part of a swap last year. We paid for it with a couple of joints of Tamworth pork. The venison was then roasted. We had it for main course when a couple of friends came over for dinner last week.

There was far too much meat for one meal. Venison sandwiches were on the menu for a couple of days afterwards but that only used a small amount of meat. I stripped it from the bone which was then used to make stock.

The stock is pink because we put into it the red wine in which the venison was marinated. Nothing wasted. Some of the venison has now found its way into 4 game pies made yesterday (more about that later) though we still have some of the meat to use up.

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