Friday, 16 January 2015

Speed dating for goats

In terms of the plans for our goats, the end of this week has been both eagerly anticipated and regarded with nervousness. Pinkie, our Golden Guernsey goat was mated on Boxing Day. If the mating had not been successful, she would have been back in heat yesterday and today. I'm pleased to say that there were no such signs - no regular bleating, tail wagging and interest in the other goats.

Geraldine had come into heat on the same 3 week cycle. She was in heat on Boxing Day but we had not arranged a billy for her at that point. With that problem solved last week, we simply had to wait for her to come back into heat. Yesterday morning, she was showing all the symptoms. She normally tries to head butt her way through the fence when she sees Pinkie close by. Pinkie was separated from Geraldine and Georgina (our 3rd goat) about a week after getting her as Geraldine was so aggressive towards her. Yesterday, she was being very friendly towards Pinkie, putting her head through a hole in the fence to sniff Pinkie. Again, another sign Geraldine was in heat.

So we took her to a farm in Stanley, Co Durham, last night. There she was introduced to 3 billies and she eventually opted for one called Zach, a Toggenburg. It was all a bit like speed dating for goats!

So, assuming all goes well, Geraldine will give birth in mid June. Pinkie will be due in late May.

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