Friday, 9 January 2015

Turning waste into eggs and milk

I was chatting today to one of the other allotment holders who was busy digging up his beetroot crop. He was going to throw them onto the compost heap as they had not grown well. I asked if I could have them for the poultry instead. He was quite happy for me to have them. I found some had beetroots about the size of golf balls so I separated these out and took them home. I'll use them in a recipe I want to try. The leaves and small beetroots were given to the hens and ducks though Pinkie our milking goat joined in the feast as well. Between them, they will turn this waste into useful protein in the form of eggs and milk.


Anonymous said...

Those beet greens would have been eaten by my family as well. They are delicious! Much like spinach.

Heather James said...

Will you end up with pink milk? :)