Friday, 29 May 2015

How to make gooseberry and apple jelly

gooseberry and apple jelly May 15 1

Gooseberries are packed full of pectin so they can easily make a jelly. However, I had a batch of gooseberries in the freezer and I often find that some of the pectin can be lost by the freezing process. The gooseberries had to be used up as I need the space in the freezer. I decided to add cooking apples to ensure there was a good supply of pectin.

The apples were chopped and added to the preserving pan with the gooseberries and then covered with water. The pan was brought to the boil and then simmered for a couple of hours. The pulp was then strained and the resulting liquid was then measured, put into the cleaned pan and brought to the boil.

gooseberry and apple jelly May 15 2

For every litre of liquid, a kilo of sugar was added. The pan was again brought to the boil and kept boiling until the setting point is reach (put a dollop on a saucer, leve to stand for a few minutes and if it forms a thick skin it is ready). Then add to hot, sterilised jar.

gooseberry and apple jelly May 15 3

This is quite a sharp, tart jelly. It's good with cheese or smoked meats and fish.

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