Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pinkie update

goats May 15 31

We have made some progress with Pinkie though there is a big question mark over whether or not she will pull through. After the vet's visit on Thursday, she started eating grass and leaves but wasn't interested in prepared food. This continued through Friday but yesterday, Saturday, she started eating flaked maize and wheat. We are yet to get her on her feet. That is the big challenge and until we have achieved that, I can't say she will pull through.

goat caesarean May 15 2

This is Pinkie a couple of days ago. You can see her operation stitching. And here's a closer look:

goat caesarean May 15 1


Dawn McHugh said...

I hope you manage to get Pinkie to her feet and she gets well soon :-)

Anonymous said...

My goats really preferred a sweeter feed, here they use molasses mixed with the grain. I really hope that she recovers. She seems like such a sweet animal.