Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Pinkie is eating but not standing

Pinkie and Jonathan May 15

Pinkie is eating well, indeed very well. She is producing milk which I am drawing off (not the easiest job as she remains lying down). She munches her way through lots of crisp, fresh grass. This morning I found she was especially keen on dock leaves. However, we are still to get her to stand. Yesterday she did manage to get onto her back feet for a few seconds but her front legs weren't able to get her up fully. We will try again later today.

She remains comfortable and alert but her not yet standing is a real concern to me.

goats May 15 37

There was one sack of dried nettles left in the shed from last year. We have fed them to Pinkie. She rather likes them as well.

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Anonymous said...

I know that with people, the longer they are bedridden, the harder it is to get mobile again, the muscles get weak. If it were me, I would massage her legs and get her up somehow, try to get a bale of hay under her belly to prop her up.