Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Quail losses

quail chicks May 15 2

We have not been too successful with the first batch of quail eggs we hatched in the incubator. From 31 eggs only 12 fully hatched and of these, only 3 have survived. A number of eggs had started hatching but the chicks died before they had hatched. We think the problem was the incubator. It was new but the humidity levels kept dropping in it. We have now put a second batch of eggs into the other incubator. Hopefully we will have a bit more success with them. The 3 remaining chicks are quite strong and in about a month we will put them in the quail aviary, though any males will either be found a new home or slaughtered.

quail chicks May 15 1

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Fishcake_random said...

How horrible :(
I hope numbers improve with the next batch, Quails are such lovely little things to watch.

X x