Monday, 20 July 2015

Brooding Ginger

hatching eggs July 15

As mentioned in the last post, Ginger, our Columbian Blacktail has gone broody. Since our cockerels have now gone, we have had to buy a dozen eggs for hatching. We got 4 exchequer leghorn and 8 rhode island red eggs. We have given 6 to Ginger and she has now been sitting on them for a week. The other 6 have gone in to a new small incubator. Hatching is due in early August.

incubator July 15 4

incubator July 15 1

brooding hen July 15

Ginger is over 3 years old and is no longer laying but she does the mother hen role very well.

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Anonymous said...

Ginger is a wonderful hen to have. The only broody hen we had in the last five years has been one that decided to do it in December, and I am sure it is colder here than where you live, because I have not seen photos of snow drifts higher than the door.