Monday, 20 July 2015

More chicks

chicks July 15

Before we have to remove our cockerels from our site, we put 28 eggs into one of the incubators. The hatch rate was disappointing. 7 chicks made it into the world and one of them died after a couple of days. The remaining 6 are in good health and in August they will be moved from the brooder box to a henhouse on the allotment to get them used to outdoor conditions. We did try to give them a foster mother. Ginger, our Columbian Blacktail who hatched a batch of chicks last year, went broody a couple of weeks ago so a day after the new chicks hatched, we put her in to the brooder box. Sadly, the fostering did not work and we returned Ginger to the allotment (more about her later).

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