Thursday, 9 July 2015

Plucking in the great outdoors

plucking a chicken Jul 15

Not all our cockerels have been rehoused. 2 were scheduled to join us for dinner regardless of the need to remove all cockerels from the allotment site. We slaughtered them on Saturday and I sat outside in the back garden to pluck them. It is so much easier than trying to do it in the kitchen - and more hygienic. The two birds did not have a great deal of meat on them. They were cream legbars, a breed kept for eggs. Hatching eggs however does generate as a by-product the cockerels for meat. We have put them in one of the freezers. At some point, they will be used in a chicken casserole.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that you will be able to get a supply of hatching eggs in the future. Luckily, ducks aren't very noisy, so at least a person can keep a drake.