Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Rehousing Rockie

silkie light sussex cross cockerel Jul 15

At the start of last year, we swapped some jam for a silkie/light sussex cross cockerel. We named him Rockie. Sadly, there is a new set of rules on our allotment site which now bans cockerels from the entire site. 3 of us who keep them have been spending the last month arranging for our birds to be rehoused. My beautiful cream legbar cockerel, who I was hoping to put into shows, has now gone to a friend. Another friend has taken another of my cream legbars and my exchequer leghorn. On Friday, we were able to rehouse Rockie on a small holding a few kilometres from my house. The new owner will be providing him with a few light sussex hens. He's pictured above in his new ark.

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