Friday, 18 December 2015

Blackberry vinegar

blackberry vinegar Dec 15 1

A few weeks ago, I set out to make some bramble jelly. I got past the first stage - boiling up the blackberries and apples and then straining the resulting pulp. And then other things got in the way. The bowl of liquid was left standing for days. I decided on a change of plan. It would be made into red champagne instead. I added sugar to the bowl and let it stand a few days to allow fermentation to start. At that point it should go into bottles and be corked (which are wired down.) Except it was left too long in the bowl. Sure enough it started to ferment. But as it was left too long exposed to the air, the alcohol started to turn to vinegar. So I decided to let the fermentation and conversion to vinegar continue. A couple of days ago, I added the liquid to some cider vinegar and a small amount of sugar, boiled it for a couple of minutes and then bottled it.

blackberry vinegar Dec 15 2

The end result was 9 bottles of blackberry vinegar, great for use in salad dressings.


WFuller said...

Haha, I tried to make some apple cider vinegar based on an internet recipe... it did not turn out nearly so well!! :) I'm so glad I stumbled on your youtube channel and subsequently this blog. My husband and I recently purchased 9.5 acres in Washington State, U.S. and hope to make it a small farm. We've found great support both online and off but other same-sex couples with the same interests seem to be rare. (I'm assuming you and David are a couple, forgive me if I'm wrong.)

If you would like to see what we're up to I have a wordpress blog where I sporadically post progress.

I hope you'll drop by but regardless we wish you well in your self-sufficiency!!

jonathanwallace said...

Thanks Jim. Good luck with setting up the farm. And yes David and I are a couple.