Thursday, 25 April 2013

Building cold frames

We have been planning to make some cold frames on the allotment and we have identified the site where they are to go - next to the fruitcage. But what about the materials from which they will be constructed? I didn't want to pay for new materials so we went on the look out for anything that could be recycled. Then a house near us had an extension built and on the front drive was a load of demolition waste from a wall that had been knocked down to make way for the extension. In it was a couple of old, double glazed window units. We asked the couple if we could have them and they were quite happy for us to take them. They even said that they had talked to other people living here to see if they wanted them for local allotments (one of whom spoke to me this morning to ask if I wanted them). So, in what must have been a bemusing sight for other local residents who didn't know what was going on, there we were, sorting through a pile of building waste on the drive of another house, and then carting off a couple of window panes!

Once we've got all the materials we need, we'll build the cold frames. We have courgette and gherkin seeds planted in the greenhouse. I suspect they will eventually be planted into them.

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Linda Penney said...

lovely post and love your vid's as well