Sunday, 7 April 2013

The chicks are growing

chicks Apr 13

Our seven chicks are now two weeks old and they are growing rapidly. The old aquarium into which we put them when they came out of the incubator had become too small for them so we planned to get a brooder cage. And then I saw a temporary solution to housing the chicks. Last week, some branches and timber were about to be incinerated on the neighbouring allotment. Amongst all this waste was a cupboard. The owners no longer needed it and had planned to burn it. They were happy for us to take it (and some of the timber).

The cupboard, turned onto its back, has made a great brooder cage and has provided much more room for the chicks. However, it will soon be put to another use: a quail house. Our plan is to get some fertilised quail eggs, hatch them and start producing quail eggs and quail meat. In the meantime, the cupboard is acting as a great home for the chicks.

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