Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Toad in the hole

toad in the hole Apr 13

I had to show you this: toad in the hole made using sausages from our own Tamworth pig with batter made using our own eggs. Alas, the milk and flour were bought at a supermarket but if we were to get goats, half that problem would be solved and I am going to experiment with making batter from mashed potato. Anyway, the meal was first class.


elfriide tramm said...

i have never made or ate yorkshire pudding :) and now decided to try. of course, i'll do it with rice flour - do you have an idea, will the taste be much different? and can i use just meat pieces or mince instead of sausages for this toad?

Jonathan Wallace said...

Not sure if the taste will be affected but it's worth a try. You can use meat, mince or sausage meat. Some people actually remove sausage skins before using the sausages in toad in the hole.

elfriide tramm said...

i'll try it! at least i would like to know, what "animal" this yorkshire puding is. actually when i was a kid and reading books, where yorkshire pudding was mentioned, i imagined that it has something baked whipped cream like dessert :).

and your idea of adding mashed potatoes may be good (though it will not raise then well) because sometimes i add mashed potatoes to pancaces togehter with mashed steamed pumpkin/squash and it works very good!