Friday, 12 April 2013

Egg record

eggs Apr 13

Thursday was a record day for eggs. We had 14 hen (from 18 hens) and 4 duck eggs (from 5 ducks - I've excused the 2 drakes from egg laying!) We have had days before when we have had 4 duck eggs, and days when we have had 14 hen eggs but we have not had both these numbers on the same day. I will have a mini celebration when our final duck starts laying and a further celebration when we get more than 14 hen eggs on a single day.

The photo above is of the eggs laid by our new copper black. She laid her first on Wednesday and her second on Thursday. Her first was the very small egg. It almost certainly has no yolk. Her second egg is quite small but large enough to have a yolk. Copper blacks lay a lovely darkish brown egg. We now have two of them.

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