Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Soft fruit cuttings

soft fruit cuttings Apr 13

The soft fruit cuttings I made in March and put into jars in my kitchen have now been planted into pots in the greenhouse. I applied a bit of rooting powder to them to stimulate root growth. 48 weere potted up and once they have become established, they will be planted out onto the allotment. Their leaves are well advanced over those of the soft fruit already growing on the allotment, such was the severity of the late running winter.

I'm pleased to say that winter now appears to have shut up shop and spring has arrived. Everything that was outdoors during that time is, as a result, about two to three weeks late. Last year, admittedly after a mild winter and very warm first week of spring (that ended once the downpours started) the hawthorn was in leaf by the end of March. It is still in bud now, though some leaves are starting to break out.

All this means a shorter growing season which could impact on crop yields.

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