Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Netting the polytunnel

polytunnel with net Apr 13

Another step forward in preparing the allotment for planting was taken last night. The polythene covering of the polytunnel was removed some time ago, leaving a raised bed and the polytunnel frame. We have now added to it a net that keeps off the hens, ducks, rabbits, wood pigeons and other animals that think they can have a free meal at our expense. I will be planting out the large numnber of onions growing in the greenhouse later this week.

Also last night I shipped a load of our chicken manure up to Dad's allotment in Marley Hill where I'll be planting the potatoes later today and tomorrow. The cold, lingering end to winter has delayed planting so this job has to be done and finished soon to take advantage of the fact spring has actually arrived.

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