Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dry Earth

dry earth Apr 13 2

This time last year we were experiencing the start of an incredibly wet period that lasted until December. My fear was that we would end up with the same problem this year. Things have turned out differently. We had a late start to spring. And now that spring has arrived, it is warmer and dryer, much much dryer, than last year. Take a look at the photo above, taken on the allotment this afternoon. See how dry the ground is. It's so dry that it is cracking up. We have been bringing over water each day as the water butts are nearly empty.

We have had one modest downpour this month and that's about it. I never thought I would hear myself say this but I really would like to see some rain. Tonight, my bizarre dream may be about to happen. The weather forecast is for rain. Alas, it looks as though it will last through the day as well and will bring with it a few days of colder temperatures. That's not quite what I wanted.

It will mean there will be less opportunity for the bees to get out and about. If the temperature is too low, the bees will stay in the hives. Today however has been warm again and they were out in force, as they have been every day for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully we will have a honey crop this year, unlike 2012.

beehives Apr 13
Favourable weather means the bees have been active for the past couple of weeks.

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