Thursday, 4 April 2013

Honey press

Yesterday, for the first time this year, my bees were relatively busy. A sunny break in the late wintry weather encouraged them to venture from the hives in search of pollen and nectar. Alas, it was not repeated today. The anticipated end to the over-extended winter is still anticipated. Whilst we had moments of sun today, the warmth was sadly lacking. The bees sensibly stayed inside the hives.

We have, however, two new additions to our bee equipment: a honey press and a wax extractor. A couple of beekeeping friends are moving to Qatar, leaving behind our joyous, bracing, fresh, breezy weather for the horrors of heat, sun and warm seas lapping against the shore. Their equipment is for sale and so we went out to Hexham last night to snap up the press and extractor. All we need now is a honey crop this year, something that was sadly lacking in summer-free 2012.

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